Fitness Suite in Bideford

We're proud to announce that our brand new fitness suite is now open. We opened this fitness suite as we know there are a lot of people who would like somewhere to work out but get that dreaded 'gym anxiety' and just feel uncomfortable working out in front of other people, especially seasoned gym goers. Our fitness suite is a private workout room with equipment and a TV where you can work out along to your favourite work out videos or just in peace. The suite is open during our normal salon hours and all our staff have been first aid trained and we're fully insured to run this new service.


Private Workout Space in Bideford

You'll have to book your time in there and you can book for yourself or with a friend if you have a workout buddy, and you can use the fitness suite as much as you like during the month within your membership cost. The suite has been kitted out with all the essential workout equipment such as a treadmill, spin bike, booty sprout, a weight gym, resistance bands, yoga mat, yoga ball and yoga ring as well as a weighted hula hoop. You can enjoy and challenge yourself with a variety of different exercises with these. There's also a smart TV with WiFi so you can put on a YouTube workout video or watch some Netflix as you work out. We also have an Alexa in there if you prefer to put on your favourite playlist instead. Read on for our membership levels, costs and benefits.



Subscription Cost

We have two levels of membership available, gold and platinum. To choose your membership level click the subscribe button below. Please note that if you are a new client to the salon or have never had a treatment with us, then you'll need to register your details with us before you can subscribe, so please click here to get in touch with us. If you've had a treatment with us before or are a regular client to the salon, you can book straight away using the buttons below.


Gold Membership is £18.99 p/month and includes unlimited use of the fitness suite during salon opening hours (time must be booked).
Also includes:

  • 1 free haircut per year
  • 5% off hair and beauty throughout the year
  • 5% off all retail products
  • 60 mins free sauna time per year


Platinum Membership is £28.99 p/month and includes unlimited use of the fitness suite during salon opening hours (time must be booked).
Also includes:

  • 1 free haircut per year
  • 1 free integrity treatment per year
  • 10% off hair and beauty throughout the year
  • 10% off all retail products
  • 120 mins free sauna time per year


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Some pictures from inside the fitness suite


Rules For The
Fitness Suite

There are certain house rules which you will need to abide by in order to use the fitness suite. A membership level must be purchased in order to use it. Once you have purchased your membership, you will need to complete and induction before you can use the equipment. All sessions must be pre-booked in advance of use of the fitness suite. The fitness suite will be available for use during normal salon hours and extra hours MAY be given if enough notice is given. When signing up, your are signing up to 12 months of the fitness suite which is paid monthly and you'll need to give one month's notice if you wish to end your membership at the end of the 12 months. Only you may use your membership, they're not transferrable to others in your hosuehold or friends. Before you can use the fitness suite you MUST have an induction to the suite so we can show you how to use the equipment safely.


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COVID-19 Update

The salon continues to remain open and we do still have restrictions have in place to help ensure the safety of our clients and our team. Please read our COVID-19 guidelines using the link below before visiting for your appointment so you know what to expect and what we expect of you.

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