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Lipo Cavitation in Bideford

Here at Beauty & The Bleach, we’re really proud to be able to offer an exclusive, highly sought after treatment to our clients in Bideford, North Devon - Lipo Cavitation. A non-invasive more affordable treatment that comes with all the same benefits of a cosmetic surgery, this treatment can be seen as a non-surgical liposuction.

Working by using radio frequency and ultrasound to produce deep heat, it breaks down fatty deposits through frequency vibrations and in doing so, tightens and tones the skin to give it a lift. This treatment is absolutely perfect for targeting those unwanted areas of fat and excess skin that we all have, targeting those bits of sagging skin and cellulite that the gym just can’t seem to tackle.


Radio Frequency Inch Loss Treatments

Our brilliant beauty therapist Lisa is completely qualified to offer Lipo Cavitation treatments, whether this be for radio frequency body contouring, radio frequency skin tightening, ultrasound body shaping, or radio frequency facials.

Being a non-surgical procedure, this treatment is entirely non-invasive and brings about the benefits of liposuction, without the pain or recovery period. The only sensation you’ll experience is a bit of deep heat, and with sessions typically lasting forty minutes, it won’t take up too much of your day. We’d recommend a number of sessions to begin seeing amazing results, and once you do, you’ll see why we’re so excited to be able to offer our North Devon clients this service.



Price List & Booking

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How Lipo Cavitation
Can Benefit You

Currently, we offer radio frequency and ultrasound contouring, shaping and skin tightening on a number of areas. As well as giving your facial skin a fresh contour, we can help with those pesky body parts that seem to hold onto fat and cellulite the most, like the upper under arms, stomach, thighs and buttocks. Does this sound like something you could benefit from? Treat yourself - you deserve it. Take a look at our complete price list, and if you’re interested in booking a consultation or your first session, make a booking with us today!


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