Hair Extensions in Bideford

When we think of a trip to a hair salon, we always tend to think about our haircut - but this is not always the case! Many clients come to us as they want to increase the length or volume of their hair using hair extensions. For anyone who has thought about growing their hair, we know that once you’ve made that decision it seems like your hair will take forever to grow even an inch, but don’t let this put you off or stop you going for your new look. Our specially trained hair artists are here to offer the latest innovative hair extensions which provide the best results for you possible.


Hair Extension Advice and Aftercare

We can offer micro and nano bead hair extensions which are individually bonded into the hair using a clamp, not heat or glue. Silicone beads then line the hair to help prevent damage, ensuring your hair is protected. Nano beads are virtually undetectable as they are so small and work well in thinner hair, where micro beads are larger but still hide well, perfect for thicker hair and of course a full consultation and aftercare is given with both. We're also proud to now offer The Secret Weave too, perfect for women with hair loss conditions. We’re here to offer an initial no obligation chat about what we think will suit the look you’re trying to achieve right through to giving you advice on how best to look after your new luscious locks.


The Secret Weave

  • Applied to the hair in a long single weft of hair
  • Adds thickness
  • Very discreet
  • Silicone lined beads to protect hair
  • Weft is sewn into place making it the least damaging method of application
  • The hair weft is reusable as hasn’t been tarnished by heat or glue
  • Full consultation and after care given

Micro & Nano Beads

  • Individually bonded into the hair using a clamp - no heat or glue
  • Silicone beads line the hair to help prevent damage
  • Nano beads are virtually undetectable in the hair as they're so small
  • Micro beads are larger but still hide well
  • Both use the same process to fit
  • Offers a natural and discreet look
  • Full consultation and after care given

Price List & Booking

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Hair Extensions

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We Provide The
Secret Weave

We're proud to offer the Secret Weave to provide our clients with the very best hair extensions to complete your dream look. The Secret Weave is also perfect for women with medical conditions such as alopecia or women going through chemotherapy. It works by attaching to the hair you already have unlike a wig and it's completely discreet and unnoticeable from natural hair. Have you thought about getting hair extensions to give your hair a longer or fuller look? Get in touch using the button below and talk to one of our friendly and expert team.


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July Price Increase

Please be aware that as of 1st July our prices will be increasing by 20% as we've now hit the VAT threshold. As this is a tax requirement unfortunately it is unavoidable for us but as a result and a thank you to our wonderful clients for helping us get here, our loyalty discount scheme is increasing to £10 from £5 when you have accumulated enough points. If you are making a booking for July, please be aware the price you pay for your booking will increase by 20% (unfortunately we cannot change the prices until July kicks in). If you have any questions about this please use the contact link below or message us on Facebook. Thanks for your understanding.

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