COVID-19 Update


Please wait outside the salon until you're invited in. Masks are required to be worn on entry to the salon and whilst in the salon and having a treatment done. It can be removed when having a drink but must be worn at all other times.

Staff will be wearing all required PPE.

We are now offering dry cuts but your hair MUST be washed on the day of your appointment prior to your treatment time.

Everyone entering the salon will need to sanitise their hands with hand gel provided at each entrance.

All beauty, nail and lash clients will need to enter from the side door and not the regular front door. Please knock/ring the side door and wait to enter there.

Anyone who has been into contact with anyone with COVID-19 must cancel their appointment and reschedule for at LEAST 2 weeks time.

You will get an email from the salon prior to appointment and asked questions, please look out for this email as it is important. We ask everyone to be as truthful as possible and put peoples health before their hair. If you have answered yes to any of the questions you will need to contact the salon.

We have protective screens in place as well as markings on the floor to show where to stand.

Unfortunately we will not be allowing children or friends to attend with you unless they are having their hair done too.

Please bring your own reading material and take home any rubbish.

Drinks will be served in an eco-friendly disposable cup.

Please limit the amount you bring with you.

Please arrive on time as we can't let you wait in the salon if it is busy.

All gowns and towels are being washed at 60 degrees after every appointment to ensure the highest levels of hygiene for our clients.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience, we do sometimes run slightly behind and we must clean up after every appointment so please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible, as if you're 15 minutes early and we're running 20 minutes behind it's likely we'll have to keep you waiting for 25 minutes outside which we'd rather not have to do.

COVID-19 Update

The salon continues to remain open and we do still have restrictions have in place to help ensure the safety of our clients and our team. Please read our COVID-19 guidelines using the link below before visiting for your appointment so you know what to expect and what we expect of you.

COVID-19 Update